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ABHITA by G Souldier

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Pull Up The Curtain With G Souldier

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What people Say

“Lacey’s songwriting brilliance transformed my music into pure magic! His passion, creativity, and talent shine through every word and melody. An absolute joy to work with! Highly recommended!”

Greg Jacobs

“Lacey’s screenplay was a game-changer for my film project! His storytelling prowess crafted a captivating narrative filled with depth and emotion. Working with Lacey was seamless; He understood my vision and brought it to life with finesse. A true professional and a creative genius. Grateful for the outstanding collaboration!”

Jasmine Lewis

“Pull Up The Curtain with G Souldier is an absolute gem! Lacey’s podcasting skills are unmatched. The way he conducts interviews with celebrities is unparalleled—insightful, in-depth, and comfortable, bringing out the best in every guest. A must-listen for anyone craving genuine conversations with stars. Lacey’s talent for storytelling shines through every episode, leaving me hooked for more!”

Candice Miller

“Lacey “G Souldier” Turner’s films are a force of nature! His storytelling as a writer and director is masterful, weaving powerful and inspiring narratives with captivating twists. Versatility is his forte, delivering messages that leave a lasting impact. I’m always on the edge of my seat, eager for the next film, as each one takes me on an emotional journey I won’t soon forget!”

Darnell Jenkins

“Lacey’s book ‘Abhita’ is truly inspiring! Its powerful portrayal of bullying offers valuable insights and empowers readers to conquer such challenges. A must-read for anyone seeking strength and courage in the face of adversity.”

Brandon Tyes

“Lacey Turner’s dedication as a community activist is unparalleled. His tireless efforts and passion for creating positive change have left a lasting impression. A true inspiration and catalyst for progress in our community.”

Sherry Wilds

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